Carmelo Anthony speaks on Rockets

After Houston’s 121-102 rout of the Denver Nuggets Monday night, there was an interesting scene in the Nuggets locker room. Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony had us (the Houston media) wait by his locker for 20-30 minutes as he went to the trainers room, then word got to the locker room that Carmelo was out in the hall and saying goodbye.

When we went out there, Carmelo and Rockets point guard Kyle Lowry were having a private conversation, then ‘Melo said he had to go and didn’t have time to speak. This definitely looked like a guy dodging the “Would you consider the Rockets?” question.

But to Carmelo’s credit, he stopped for a minute or two.

“It would be interesting, that’s all I can say,” said Anthony. “The Rockets are a good team, they’re an up and coming team right now. They miss Yao. They’re a play-hard team. I’m pretty sure anybody would like to play for that team. Now don’t take that the wrong… don’t spin that tonight.”

Here’s the entire Q&A:

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