Brad Miller’s not missing anything

Houston free agent acquisition Brad Miller sprained his left ankle during a pre-training camp workout on September 21st and hasn’t been able to scrimmage with the Rockets in Austin as a result.

Just don’t tell him he’s missing out on getting familiar with a new team’s set of plays.

“It’s the same stuff,” said Miller with a sly smile, referring back to his previous stint under Rick Adelman with the Sacramento Kings from 2003-2006. “Everyone is kind of joking around about me being out and stuff, [but] it’s the same play calls — everything is the same. Elston [Turner] is running the defense, just like he did back then, and Rick is in charge of the offense.”

Miller thinks as the “old guy” that he can play a role in getting his teammates more accustomed to the system.

“I’m the oldest guy on the team,” said Miller, almost shocking himself with the statement. “I had Lindsey Hunter last year so I had like 6 years difference on him. Obviously I’m real comfortable on both sides of the ball so I just kind of want to get these guys more comfortable with it. The longer you play in it the easier it is because it just becomes a bunch of reads — you don’t have to call stuff.”

Miller hasn’t been able to go through the scrimmages due to his ankle, but that will change soon — he’s pretty much day-to-day.

“It’s definitely getting better,” said Miller. “Just a matter of time — finish getting the swelling out and everything and we’ll go from there.”

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