Kevin McHale Press Conference Videos

The Rockets introduced Kevin McHale to the media today and he gave a few clear impressions: Charismatic. Good sense of humor. Tough. Blunt. Good communicator. He believes in up-tempo basketball with hard-nosed defense.

I’ll have more from the official press conference, but here’s an 8-minute clip of McHale talking to some of the media afterwards. I especially like the ending when McHale was asked about being one of the most hated Celtics by Houston fans back in 1986, a topic we touched on yesterday (which brought out some Photoshop work putting McHale the player in a Houston Rockets uniform).

“25 years,” said McHale. “It’s all over. That’s gone.”

I also posted this on the forums earlier, but McHale had a great line when asked about the transition to having less input on the personnel than he did in Minnesota (where he ran the front office).

“Good,” said McHale, drawing laughter. (video below)

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