Motiejunas to Dwight Howard: Catch me if you can!

Donatas Motiejunas stole the show at Friday afternoon’s press conference at the Toyota Center when the Rockets introduced their three draft picks, Motiejunas, Kansas forward Marcus Morris and Florida forward Chandler Parsons, along with point guard Jonny Flynn, who was acquired from Minnesota.

Kevin McHale said his new nickname for Motiejunas is “D-Mo,” which seemed to crack up the Lithuanian forward every time McHale said it. He was loose and supremely confident (some would say “cocky”) in his answers, as you can see from the video. If he isn’t passionate about basketball, as some reports had suggested, it certainly didn’t show at this presser.

But the best moment came when McHale said it was going to be an experience for these rookies once they have to bang with the likes of Dwight Howard.

Motiejunas’ reply?

“If he can catch me, then we’ll see,” said Motiejunas.

McHale was quick to jump in, “Easy boy! They got TVs down in Orlando.”

It wasn’t quite the “Ray Lewis with a basketball” press conference, but it had some funny moments. And I’ll say this much — it’s nice to see a Rocket player very confident in his skills. I do think however he’s in for a humbling experience early on.

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