Terrence Williams doesn’t want to go, but he reads the writing on the wall

The Houston Rockets had plans for Terrence Williams this season. The team anticipated that T-Will would be filling the role that Chandler Parsons has taken, but the surprising defensive emergence of the rookie has kept Williams on the bench.

In fact, a source told me that Williams hasn’t done anything wrong and has actually played quite well, but that Parsons has played Shane Battier-quality defense and they needed that in the lineup. The Rockets aren’t ignorant to the fact that it’s quite possible that T-Will could blossom with a playing time opportunity, similar to Jeremy Lin. The team still raves about T-Will’s athleticism.

But riding the pine? That’s not something the explosive third-year forward expected and he hasn’t been too happy about it, whether it’s expressing that through Twitter or via the media.

Williams told the Houston Chronicle recently that he won’t be coming back to Houston.

“I’m going to leave regardless,” said Williams. “I’m not re-signing here. Come the end of the season, I won’t be back here regardless, so whether it is leaving now or leaving later, I’m not going to be here at the end of the day. It’s not for me to say (whether he leaves by the March 15 trade deadline or as a free agent.). That’s for the guys that are supposedly in the office making decisions. Whatever.”

We had a chance to talk to T-Will after Sunday’s win over the Jazz, and he clarified what he meant with those comments.

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