Kevin McHale’s View on Sports Analytics

The Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, co-founded by Rockets general manager Daryl Morey, wrapped up this weekend, and for those not already aware, it’s become a monster, getting bigger with each passing year.

A Houston fan attending the event did a great job wrapping up the Rockets-related information that came out of the SSAC, and there’s some real gold for the Rockets diehards in there.

One of the comments made at the Conference was by longtime Boston reporter Jackie MacMullan, who started out her Basketball Analytics panel by saying Rockets coach Kevin McHale wasn’t very interested in Analytics, but that he will be.

That’s pretty interesting, considering Morey just hired McHale, so I asked him about it today before the Clippers game. While McHale finds value in some of the data, he seems to stick more to the old school train of thought and feels analytics more reinforces what he already knew.

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