Day 5 of Houston Rockets Training Camp

Rockets practice was scheduled to end Wednesday at noon, so I got there at 11:15am, plenty of time to get settled in before the media would be called in.

I knew I was in trouble when I got out of the elevator and Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin were hanging out in the hall. Practice was already over… ended by McHale early without warning (same as Day 3). It’s been that kind of week. However, I have a feeling tomorrow will be the day we will finally see some live scrimmage action.

What was left after practice? Dwight Howard staying later to practice free throws and Omri Casspi shooting on the other end. No offense to Casspi, but I opted for Dwight.

Dwight Howard Free Throw Practice

Dwight Howard’s Eurostep Success

Kevin McHale

Dwight Howard – Full Interview

Dwight Howard Rockets Training Camp

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