Tracy McGrady attends Rockets practice

Tracy McGrady James Harden and Dwight Howard

It’s not often that you get truly shocked by something, but that’s what happened to me Friday afternoon when I walked into Houston Rockets practice and saw former Rocket Tracy McGrady in the building to observe the scrimmage.

When we came in, it appeared that T-Mac was just finishing a conversation with GM Daryl Morey when James Harden walked over to him. They talked for some time, then Dwight Howard came over. Howard and McGrady spoke for about 20 minutes. T-Mac did not speak to the media.

I’m told he just came to hang out, though obviously you wonder if there is some other reason.

“Gettin’ some knowledge, gettin’ some knowledge,” said Harden of his talk with McGrady. “What he did here and how can he help me and how can I better myself as a basketball player and as a person? It’s always good to get the advice from the older guys who have been here and done that. It kind of helps me out. I just sit back and listen.”

Howard was drafted by the Orlando Magic the same summer when they traded McGrady to Houston. Both stars have now played in both cities.

“We do have a lot in common,” said Dwight Howard of McGrady. “We just talked about basketball and life and how he felt this was a great opportunity for myself, this team and the organization. It was a good talk.”

Howard said McGrady had good things to say about playing in this town.

“He said it’s great,” said Howard. “The fans are great. Great city. He believes we will have a great year.”

Photo: McGrady, Harden after practice

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