Podcast: Carmelo, Love, Lowry and Houston’s options as free agency arrives

Kyle Lowry Houston Rockets free agency

Cap guru David Weiner, aka BimaThug, joins Dave Hardisty to discuss all the options the Houston Rockets have and the cap implications as NBA free agency officially opens. Here are the major topics discussed:

  • 2:30 — What has to happen to make Carmelo Anthony an interesting offer
  • 4:15 — The Kevin Love trade possibility
  • 7:15 — The Omer Asik trade and the draft pick received from New Orleans
  • 14:45 — Kyle Lowry
  • 20:00 — Why has Jeremy Lin not yet been traded?
  • 24:45 — Fallback options for the Rockets
  • 30:30 — Chandler Parsons contract and his restricted free agency
  • 36:45 — Houston’s Draft landing Clint Capela, Nick Johnson and Alessandro Gentile
  • 41:45 — The Rockets’ stash of international prospects

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