Patrick Beverley wins the 2015 All-Star Game Skills Challenge

Let’s be honest — very few expected this. But Patrick Beverley has been doing this kind of thing throughout his career: When very few expect much out of him, he surprises.

Beverley won the All-Star Game Skills Challenge Saturday night, defeating a talented pool of point guards to take the crown. He went head-to-head and beat Isaiah Thomas of the Phoenix Suns, Jeff Teague of the Atlanta Hawks and strong>Brandon Knight of the Milwaukee Bucks to become the 2015 Champion.

“I hope Coach McHale was watching,” joked Beverley. “Maybe I can get some plays now.”

It didn’t hurt that Beverley had Mr. Hakeem Olajuwon in his ear during the competition.

Patrick Beverley Hakeem Olajuwon

Here’s the full video of Beverley in the competition.

Beverley also spoke to the media after the event. Here is the full press conference.
Patrick Beverley Skills Champion

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