Josh Smith ecstatic to be back in Houston with the Rockets

Josh Smith back with Houston Rockets

About two hours before the Rockets were to take on the Milwaukee Bucks Friday night, Josh Smith, wheeling his luggage and accompanied by Houston general manager Daryl Morey, came strolling down the hall and entered the locker room.

From there, it was one big lovefest. His old/new teammates are thrilled he’s back.

“They’re happy but I don’t think they’re as happy as I am,” said Smith, beaming a wide smile.

Smith said he doesn’t regret anything, that it was a business decision to leave, but added that “people make mistakes.”

“I’m excited,” said Smith. “I’m excited just be able to get back out on the floor and contribute and play for some guys that were new-found brothers to me last year and just to be able to play with that happiness and excitement that is needed in order to be successful in this business.”

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