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Highlights Overload from Rockets Win Over Lakers

Houston Rockets

Highlights Overload from Rockets Win Over Lakers

I try to post highlights from every Rockets game for the fans to see and discuss, and for a great game there may be three important or eye-catching clips to see.

I try to post highlights from every Rockets game for the fans to see and discuss, and for a great game there may be three important or eye-catching clips to see.

In tonight’s 112-107 Rockets win over the Lakers, there were far more than that.

Dragic heads ball, outruns Kobe Bryant
Goran Dragic has been outstanding shooting the ball lately, but he didn’t get out of the gate strong tonight offensively — he started 3-9 from the field. But this play really showcases his strengths. With his soccer skills background, he inadvertently headed the ball and took off like a bullet the other way. Watch as he simply blows by Kobe Bryant, who has a big defensive lead on Dragic, to get to the basket. [comments]

Earl Boykins finds Samuel Dalembert
Rockets broadcaster Bill Worrell with the line of the night: “That’s the long and the short of it.”

By the way, there were too many heroes to count in this game, but Samuel Dalembert deserves some credit. With Marcus Camby going out early with two quick fouls, Dalembert came in, threw down a few slams and provided some big man support (12 points, 6 boards, 3 steals in 23 minutes). [comments]

Chandler Parsons smokes Kobe Bryant
Chandler Parsons started out 3-4 from the field, including 2-2 from distance, and I thought, “All this talk about if Parsons will stop Kobe… but will Kobe stop Parsons?”

Never did I expect a play like this. It came immediately after a defensive stop by Parsons on Kobe that had you thinking about the one-on-one matchup. It was uncanny to me how Kobe-like this move is. [comments]

Andrew Bynum ejected in fourth quarter
I don’t understand how anyone can think Andrew Bynum is anything short of a moron after this incident. Put yourself in his shoes: You know you were kicked out of the last game against the Rockets, and it cost your team dearly. You know you already have one technical in this game.

You’re still going to verbally shred the officials in the fourth quarter? Absolute idiocy.

The reaction from the Rockets players on the bench is absolutely priceless. Dragic’s double salute is my personal favorite. [comments]

Marcus Camby for three!
I’m shocked when Camby hits anything beyond 12-feet, yet since he’s arrived in Houston, he has nailed an 80-foot bomb and now has calmly drained a fourth quarter, top of the key triple. Dude’s got mad range. [comments]

Chandler Parsons “cold-blooded” baseline three late
Now we get into clutch time, and this was just a huge shot as far as winning this game is concerned. Parsons was fairly good early on as a rookie, but he’s been rock solid since March. He has likely changed the team’s blueprint for the future, which previously starred Marcus Morris. [comments]

Goran Dragic late basket
This shot here is money, and money is exactly what Goran has made as he heads into unrestricted free agency this summer. Keep in mind — this was a guy the Rockets basically “threw in” to the Pau Gasol trade. He was rarely mentioned as a real asset for the Hornets and many claimed Jarrett Jack would start ahead of him. Right now? You could argue that Dragic may be the best player New Orleans would have gotten in that trade.

The Rockets are unified in their goal of making the playoffs and having playoff success, but just the same, it’s going to be interesting to see what they do with the starting point guard spot if/when Kyle Lowry returns to full strength this year/postseason. [comments]

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