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Day 7 of Houston Rockets Training Camp

Houston Rockets

Day 7 of Houston Rockets Training Camp

Dwight Howard supports the Texans and responds to Kareem, Tracy McGrady hangs out at practice and Robert Covington can really shoot it from long range.

We didn’t get to see any scrimmage today after getting to see plenty of it on Day 6. We’ll get our first real look soon enough as the preseason opener is Saturday against the Pelicans.

The real shock today was that Tracy McGrady was there to observe Rockets practice.

Here are a few random clips from after practice and interviews with the Rockets’ biggest stars.

McGrady talking to Harden, Dwight and Parsons/Motiejunas shooting threes

Here’s a little stalker video showing McGrady talking with Dwight Howard and James Harden after practice. The second part of the video shows Chandler Parsons and Donatas Motiejunas wrapping up their practice by finishing three-point shooting drills.

Robert Covington can really shoot

I didn’t notice this until I went back and watched the clip as I was just recording different parts of drills, but notice how rookie Robert Covington makes all six three-point attempts here. Shooting over 42% from long range for his four-year college career at Tennessee State, it’s evident that this guy can really shoot the ball.

Isaiah Canaan “Baby Bounce” Slam

As practice ended, Rookie Isaiah Canaan threw down this slam and knew he was going to hear about it from the reaction. One of the coaches (I believe Doug West) joked that he’s got that “baby bounce.”

Dwight Howard supports the Houston Texans

Dwight was asked if he has been to a Houston Texans game yet.

“I haven’t, but I heard they’re looking for a quarterback,” joked Dwight. Howard was quick to point out he was only kidding, but he asked for Houston fans to continue to stick with the Texans despite the recent cough-up against the Seahawks.

“You can’t be burning jerseys,” said Howard. “We got to stick with our boys.”

Dwight Howard responds to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Hall of Fame Lakers center Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was on the ESPN show First Take this week and simply blasted Dwight Howard in an interview, basically saying that he’s a limited player who lacks the right mind and smarts for the game.

This was Howard’s response, and I thought it was a pretty mature reply.

James Harden Interview



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