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Patrick Beverley makes his pitch for LeBron James to join the Houston Rockets

Houston Rockets

Patrick Beverley makes his pitch for LeBron James to join the Houston Rockets

With news coming out that LeBron James will opt out to become a free agent, Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley says LBJ should join him in Houston.

Patrick Beverley and LeBron James

The circus started on Tuesday as the news came out that LeBron James will opt out of his contract to become a free agent. While we’ve discussed the slim LeBron to Houston possibility for awhile, the speculation will only continue to increase as we head into the NBA Draft this week and free agency period in July.

While the Rockets can’t make their pitch until then, that didn’t stop point guard Patrick Beverley from putting his thoughts out there Tuesday night. The second-team All-NBA Defensive guard was on Fox Sports Radio with Jay Mohr and was asked what he would say to his former teammate about joining the Rockets.

“We would definitely love (for) LeBron to come to Houston. That would be phenomenal,” said Beverley, who played with James in Miami in 2010. “If we can make it work, we would definitely love for Carmelo (Anthony) and him to come here. That’s not up to me, but in an ideal situation… in Patrick Beverley’s world, that would be great for the Houston Rockets.”

Beverley, who admitted he has LeBron’s cell number, called the Rockets one of the “youngest, hottest teams” out there with two superstars and a “superstar in the making” in Chandler Parsons.

Here was the exchange and you can listen to the audio.

“Let’s say you’re on the phone with LeBron James. What would your sales pitch be for him to come to Houston? Why should he choose Houston over Chicago, the Lakers, or go back to the Miami Heat? Let’s do it. I’m LeBron. Sell me.”

Beverley: “You’ve got to understand, ‘Bron, we one of the youngest, hottest teams out there. We’ve got two superstars, and a superstar in the making in Chandler (Parsons). We’re the youngest, hottest team right now. That’s an easy question bro. Come on now. We’ve got one of the best coaches and one of the best, smartest GMs in the league, in my opinion.”

“Do you think (GM) Daryl Morey will let me play ping pong with him?”

Beverley: “If you come here, you can play anything you want with him.”

“Will I be able to travel with all my headbands?”

Beverley: “(Laughs) Yeah, no problem, bro. Anything you want, bro!”

“If I play for the Rockets, will I be the first option or is Harden going to be the first option? Who’s the first, second, and third option on offense?”

Beverley: “There are no options. We’re all about getting stops.”

“Guess what… I’m going to sign with the Houston Rockets!!”

Beverley: “Hey, I wish it was that easy man!!”

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