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TMZ doesn’t get a critical fact straight on Dwight Howard story

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TMZ doesn’t get a critical fact straight on Dwight Howard story

TMZ reports that Dwight Howard ran a red light that got his driver’s license suspended, but they didn’t check the date nor the superstar center’s alibi.

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TMZ reported on Tuesday that Dwight Howard’s driver’s license has been suspended after he was caught running a red light for the 10th time in the last two and a half years and didn’t resolve it.

Dwight Howard might be color blind — ’cause officials in Florida say he ran 10 RED LIGHTS in 2-and-a-half years — and now his license has been suspended … TMZ Sports has learned.

According to official records, the NBA superstar was captured by those red light cameras in Orange County, FL over and over again … starting in 2012, when he was busted 9 times in 10 months.

Then, after a year-and-a-half without a violation, Howard struck again in 2014 — blowing through another red light on July 1st … his 10th overall infraction.

There’s only one problem — Dwight Howard wasn’t driving the car.

TMZ said the 10th infraction, which went unresolved and caused his license to be suspended, occurred on July 1st, but they read the court record incorrectly. The infraction was filed on July 1st but actually happened on April 14th at 9:17pm via red light camera in Winter Park, Florida.

I’m pretty sure Dwight has an airtight alibi on this one. The superstar center was oh, about 1000 miles away at the Toyota Center at the time, scoring 20 points on 9-11 shooting and grabbing 17 rebounds in helping the Rockets finish off a regular season sweep of the eventual champion San Antonio Spurs.

So how did this happen? According to a source, the vehicle is registered to Howard but was given to his brother to drive. The other nine tickets from the past (all of which were resolved previously) were also the same kind of ticket (caught by a red light camera).

It looks like the big guy may need to get some affairs in order, but it doesn’t look like Dwight himself was the reckless driver.

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