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Dwight Howard blasts report he’s unhappy in Houston, calls it “lies and rumors”

Houston Rockets

Dwight Howard blasts report he’s unhappy in Houston, calls it “lies and rumors”

Rocket center says his focus is to get back to winning in Houston.

Dwight Howard blasts report he's unhappy in Houston

A report by SheridanHoops on Tuesday created a lot of buzz claiming that Dwight Howard was “extremely unhappy in Houston playing second fiddle to alpha dog James Harden,” citing multiple sources, and predicted that the Rockets would trade him before the year was out.

While the report was questionable to begin with, Howard spoke after the Rockets’ 107-97 loss in Sacramento on Tuesday night and shot down the report (See: video on

“I haven’t said nothing to nobody about anything,” said the Rockets center. “People always going to make up lies and rumors. That’s never been my focus. I’m trying to get these guys to play better and get myself to play better so why would I say that to anybody? People are going to say what they got to say to get a story out.”

Admittedly, Howard didn’t look all that happy in the interview. After all, the Rockets gave yet another disappointing performance and Howard scored just four points on 2-7 shooting.

“People are always going to come up with some kind of rumor and lies,” added Howard. “That’s what it is, you know what I’m saying? I can’t focus on that and I don’t want my teammates to focus on that. I want us to win. We had two upsetting losses. We’re all frustrated because we know we can play better. I haven’t said nothing to anybody — to any reporter or anybody — about being unhappy. That’s all noise.”

Howard said his focus is on “turning this thing around any way possible.”

“The only noise I want to hear is us winning and getting back to playing better basketball,” said Howard. “All the other stuff is lies and noise to me. People can save it.”

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